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28 NOV - 15 DEC, 2019




The video work 'Scrutable' by Kyungsub Shin will be featured at the launching show of Rarerow X Sweetch’s 'City Boys'.  


Single Channel Video  

3 split projections over 10m wide wall  

16:3.2 ratio


25:32 min




B1, 18, Yeonmujang-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul



28 Nov - 15 Dec, 2019




Hermès - Walk the line



21 NOV - 15 DEC, 2019




Kyungsub Shin exhibition "Seogu Recollections" at Incheon Seogu Cultural Foundation, Incheon



18 NOV - 23 DEC, 2019




Kyungsub Shin is currently participating in the exhibition "Electric Universe" at the Cultural Station 284, Seoul.



18. 11  — 23. 12. 2020



11 NOV, 2019 - 28 FEB, 2020




Kyungsub Shin is currently participating in the exhibition "1989-2019 Contemporary Korean Architecture, Cosmopolitan Look 1989-2019" at the Korean Cultural Center Hungary



11. 11. 2019 — 28. 2. 2020



H-1124 Budapest, Csörsz utca 49-51. Hungary



7 SEP - 10 NOV, 2019




Kyungsub Shin exhibition at DDP, Seoul

Thematic exhibition of 2019 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism

'Collective City'


Director : Francisco Sanin

Curator : Beth Hughes

Associate Curator : Hyoeun Kim




Andaz Seoul Gangnam




Schemata Architects - Blue Bottle Samcheong Cafe



11 JUL - 30 AUG, 2019




Kyungsub Shin is currently participating in the exhibition "Shifting Ground" at the Korean Cultural Center Brussels.



Korean Cultural Center in Brussels

Architecture Exhibition–3rd Edition



11. 7. — 30. 8.  2019 (9AM-5PM)



Korean Cultural Center in Brussels Regentschapsstraat 4 Rue de la Régence, 1000 Brussels



Factory Collective(Dani Kim, Green Kim, Hyejin Yeo)




Boundless - Plant House




Dior - House of Dior




Hyundai Motor Company  - Hydrogen Station



8 MAR - 1 APR, 2019




N.U.N.A(New Urbanism New Architecture) exhibition at Hannam Yong Bldg.

Lifethings, SOA, Office 53427, Ogisa, Poly.m.ur, Kyungsub Shin



Hannam-dong 68-16 1F



18 OCT, 2018 - 31 JAN, 2019




Kyungsub Shin 's 1st solo exhibition, titled "COSMOS", at COSMO 40, Incheon, Korea. 


Visiting Hours

11am - 9pm, Wednesday to Sunday

18 October 2018 to January 2019




9, Janggogae-ro 231neon-gil, Seo-gu, Incheon, Korea


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Michael Hansmeyer - Astana Columns at Grand Palais, Paris




OBBA - R Tower




HAND - Boxing Gym




Jo Jinman Architects - K2 Building




Hyundai Card - Gapado Project




Triennnale Brugge 2018

OBBA - The Floating Island




Hyundai Motor Company - The Seed of New Society




Triennnale Brugge 2018

Selgascano - Selgascano Pavilion




Triennnale Brugge 2018

Selgascano - Selgascano Pavilion




Asif Khan - Hyundai Pavilion 2018




Mass Studies - Daejeon University residential college




DaeWha Kang - Mitie Group




DaeWha Kang - Mitie Group




MVRDV - Seoullo 7017 Skygarden




Mecanoo - Namdaemun Office Building




Hyundai Card - Cooking Library




UIA - Korea University




NEED - The Book Company




DaeWha Kang - Rainbow Publishing




Lifethings - Won Buddhist Temple




AND - Yangji Residence




Hyundai Card - Music Library




Lifethings - GoGaeJip




ZMJ - Seopyonje




HG Architecture - Solar Pine




HG Architecture - Solar Pine




Office PARKKIM - Triple Street




Mass Studies - Southcape




Suh Architects - Sampyo




Beacon Architects - Tower The Most




Hyundai Card - Card Factory




System Lab Group - Bennigan's Republic




Studio K Works  - Gwangju Citizen Hall




Ogisadesign - O.D, Building



19 OCT - 26 NOV, 2017



Kyungsub Shin, Park No.12, 152cmX224cm, Pigment Print, 2017



Kyungsub Shin is participating in 'Yeouido Modernity,' the inaugural exhibition of the SeMA Bunker. He will be presenting several images of Yeouido Park, which has since been transformed into a park from the former 516 Square.


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14 OCT - 30 NOV, 2017



Kyungsub Shin, Studio No.15, Pigment Print, 2017



Kyungsub Shin is currently participating in the exhibition "Thoughts on Thoughts" at the Jean Gallery, in commemoration of the third anniversary of the passing of Shin Hae-Chul. The exhibition features six of his images capturing the studio of the late musician.


Curated by

Min Shin (Jean Gallery)

Soo-in Yang (Lifethings)


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20 JUN - 16 JUL, 2016



Kyungsub Shin, Scrutable No.70, Pigment Print, 2016



Kyungsub Shin is currently exhibiting a specially commissioned series of work on the two cities, Seoul and London, at the Korean Cultural Center UK.


Artist : Kyungsub Shin, Tapio Snellman

Curated by John Hong



25 MAY - 10 JUN, 2016



Kyungsub Shin, SH(Study on Habitability) Series No.6, 2016


Kyungsub Shin will be presenting exhibitions in Venice and London in collaboration with John Hong (Project : Architecture) to promote the 2017 Seoul Biennale on Architecture and Urbanism.

Several of his works featuring projects by SH Corporation will be on display.



Università Iuav di Venezia

Palazzo Badoer, Aula Tafuri

Opening and Symposium: 25 May 2016, 3:30pm

Dates: 25-30 May



Korean Cultural Centre UK, Grand Buildings

1 - 3 Strand, London WC2N 5BW

Opening and Symposium: 2 June, 4pm  

Dates: 2-10 June



28 MAY - 27 NOV, 2016



Kyungsub Shin, Scrutable No.23, Pigment Print, 2015


Kyungsub Shin has been invited as a participating artist at the exhibition 'FAR Game' at the Korean pavilion of the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale.

This is the second consecutive time that the artist is participating in the Korean pavilion, following his participation in the exhibition  'Crow's Eye View', which was the recipient of the Golden Lion Award


Venue : Korean Pavilion at Giardini