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Triennnale Brugge 2018

Selgascano - Selgascano Pavilion




Asif Khan - Hyundai Pavilion 2018




Mass Studies - Daejeon University residential college




Ogisadesign - O.D, Building



19 OCT - 26 NOV, 2017



Kyungsub Shin, Park No.12, 152cmX224cm, Pigment Print, 2017



Kyungsub Shin is participating in 'Yeouido Modernity,' the inaugural exhibition of the SeMA Bunker. He will be presenting several images of Yeouido Park, which has since been transformed into a park from the former 516 Square.


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14 OCT - 30 NOV, 2017



Kyungsub Shin, Studio No.15, Pigment Print, 2017



Kyungsub Shin is currently participating in the exhibition "Thoughts on Thoughts" at the Jean Gallery, in commemoration of the third anniversary of the passing of Shin Hae-Chul. The exhibition features six of his images capturing the studio of the late musician.


Curated by

Min Shin (Jean Gallery)

Soo-in Yang (Lifethings)


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